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Layouts for the best damn sport ever


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Not only do we do WWE, we do TNA, ECW and anything else wrestling related.

*Make all posts Friends Only even if its a request. This prevents people from stealing the work done here. (all posts are now on auto friend)

*3-6 pictures / wallpapers are a must for the makers. This insures us that you like the pictures and saves us from re-doing it a million times.

*Check for new posts if your expecting a layout instead waiting for a comment back.

*some makers ask for credit, so if they do, then we expect you to do it.

*For now it's going to be 2 layouts per weekend per person until a few more makers come join us.

*I do know some of these layouts will be used for RPG's and I'm fine with that. I'm a gamer myself.

*if you are requesting a layout, please put Request and the maker you would like to make it. We all have diffrent styles. If this is not done, your request will not be filled. Now if your request is for a banner maker, state the name in the topic line on who you want to make it.

*be PATIENT Dont leave us a comment saying your still waiting. Thasts rude as hell. We have lives outside of making layouts.


the_archangel Only graphics at random points in time.
phantom_shadowsWill be able to make on weekends. There will be times where she'll pick up one or two during the week. She does layouts and grapics.

wake_up_naked banners, headers, icons, layouts, wallpapers, etc: requests on the weekend, and maybe one or two during the week.
platipie Banners: Anytime.

*what wrestler?
*3-6 wallpapers/pictures [links are fine]
*taged? (your username on it some place)
*Brushes? (y/n)
*What style?


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